Up To 60% off

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Up To 60% off

Сообщение RewardPay » 10 июн 2022, 05:24

RewardPay is a one-stop platform for all types of customers which will help them earn cashback on their purchases. Next, not only this, you can register with us and take your shopping level to a whole next level by getting Promo codes.
In addition, our website offers cashback on merchants available in over 22 countries and help buyers gain huge benefits and discounts on their purchases.
Moreover, we have four different accounts through which you can connect with us, whether you are an influencer, own a company, or are just an individual.

Personal Account – Consider it as your online shopping buddy where you can register with us and get access to innumerable coupons and offers updated regularly and catered to you. Receive cashback which you will receive through your purchases.

Business Account – It is your business solution where you can access various coupons for top merchants available who sell electronics, appliances, and other such products. Sign up and open doors to benefits such as exclusive cashback, statement of earnings, etc.

Loyalty Account – Share our offers and earn rewards by doing that. You can browse different categories and offers from which you choose what to share. Also, features like content management tools, a fully branded website, or content will be provided.

Influencers Account – Influencers can earn through every sale. They just need to search for their favorite brands, select their preferred offer and post it on their social media. That’s It!!
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